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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Film - Shared screen with speaker view
Nidia Werner (she/her/hers)
If the mail room would is the starting point for the talent agency, what would it be for a producer?
Nicoletta Marini-Maio (she/her/hers)
Please write your questions here, or raise your hand (I can call your name)
What kind of questions did they ask you during your interview?
Hunter Keller
which part/s of your job or routine would you consider to be your creative outlet?
Nick Noto
What are some of your recommendations for someone to get into the film industry initially?
Sophie Martin
Does your agency handle screenwriters or other kinds of writers?
What is the process for signing new talents?
John Taylor
Are things still LA/Hollywood-centric for the foreseeable future or are pockets popping up in NYC, Austin, etc?
Rosey Pasco
What are the factors you use to decide if you are going to take someone on?
Christian Cordero
How do people collecting the crew for your talent? Producer, screen writer, etc.
Nicoletta Marini-Maio (she/her/hers)
Dylan: What was the biggest surprise for you once you actually started working in the Film Industry compared to your expectations going in?Sasha: What experiences from Dickinson best prepared you for working as an agent?Sarah: How have you adjusted over time since most films and shows have become constant streaming like Netflix and Amazon? Did that change your style of work?Marnie: How did you decide to go into the agency aspect as opposed to filmmaking?Hunter: When working with artists and other professionals in your industry, do you find that they go into a film with a clear vision and rigid structure in mind or are they comfortable with altering what they originally imagined? Ben: What does an entry level job look like in the film industry, and how did you get your start in the industry?Karina: Is there a specific film that you saw that helped you solidify your major? Did you have a lightbulb like experience with any film in particular? What role does that film play in your career today?
Ben Gemma
How is the process of picking up and representing actors/hosts different from representing writers?
Emil Golebiowski
What are the main differences between a junior talent agent and a senior talent agent?
Daniel Golebiowski
How many people does it usually take to go through to pick the right actors?
Daniel Golebiowski
Are there any other main things that agencies look for when hiring an actor?
Sophie Martin
Thank you!